Why A Brand Strategy is Life

Updated: Apr 26

If we’re going to work together, we need a strategy.

Once upon a time, I was a freelance designer who would create logos and websites that my clients asked for. Even if it was horribly off-beat. I gave my suggestions and tried the best that I could. But many people seem to think that designers are just a hand that can visually execute an idea they can’t do themselves. Without a strategy this can quickly lead to dozens of revisions; but more importantly can actually end up being an expense rather than an investment.

Why you ask? Well, because we made a pretty logo but thought about what WE liked and not what our client needed. So we made a design that was visually appealing but was incomplete and failed to connect with our audience or achieve our goals.

So what's a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is a written plan, which defines your ideal client, your business goals, the attributes of your brand, and analyzes it against your competitors. We use these answers plus additional factors as a guide when making aesthetic decisions about your website and branding identity.

Hold on, I already have a Strategy. I don’t need to do this.

Are you sure? A brand strategy and business strategy are both two different things. A brand strategy streamlines the design process and helps us to align with your goals so in turn YOU can align better with your own clients. A business strategy lists your mission, services, implementation, financial projections and so forth. As mentioned above, a brand strategy goes in a direction that personifies your brand and audience to use as a roadmap for aesthetic decisions.

Moving forward, I love to work with businesses that are willing to do the work of compiling a brand strategy with me. It’s not because I'm annoying. It’s because we know that there are hundreds of designers out there right now who are willing to take your money and will give you whatever design you want. They don’t care if it works or not. Or maybe they never even thought about it. I'm not them. I care and think you are worth the effort. Sound good? Cool, then can’t wait to get this party started!



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