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Building a business can be overwhelming and confusing; ESPECIALLY when it comes to branding identity design, online marketing and websites. No worries; I'm here to help! I specialize in branding, digital design and art direction. I can be a resource whether it's your first or hundredth project.


 Bonjour à toutes!  

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I'm Chelsie Webb, and YES - I make "Webbsites" =) . All puns aside, I'm from the New York City Area but today, I'm based in France! Crazy right? I love learning about marketing, business and design. I'm kind of an artsy nerd.


I studied Graphic Design in college and after my graduation in 2013 was hired at a brand agency in NYC.


In 2015 I relocated to Dallas, Texas and continued my education in Information Technology.  I worked as an Art Director at a promotional marketing company and was able to gain experience in project management and the print industry.


In 2018 I launched a Meetup group near Dallas where women could meet weekly to share a co-working creative space, discuss market trends, receive work critiques, and empower each other towards becoming CEOs.  I had never felt more inspired and motivated!


A year ago, I took a leap of faith; I registered as an independent contractor and moved to France. I'm now designing remotely and  pursuing a degree in foreign language and culture. I plan to continue next year with a Masters degree in International Business. I hope to work with like minded and long-term design opportunities. 

 Why do I focus on women business owners? 

I've been fortunate enough to do some cool projects for small and large profile clients. However, I have always been very passionate about helping elevate women both personally and professionally.

One of the best ways to do that is to support each other through our goals. I've been freelancing since 2010 and have found that the most fulfilling projects for me involved helping my fellow sisters succeed in making their purpose a reality. 



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For all purchases made through Sanctified Studio,10% will benefit nonprofits that assist at-risk youth + survivors of abuse. Proceeds may also benefit additional organizations that assist in environmental efforts, natural disaster relief, educational stability, and/or are faith-based. For each paid invoice I alternate which organization receives benefit, but if you have a request let me know!   


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